Thursday, 14 December 2017


When I first walked into Manurewa Central School on the 3of February 2011, I suddenly realised that preschool was over. I remembered that yesterday I was screaming, and now It was all gone and my new learning journey was about to start.

My teachers had always helped me when I needed guidance. They taught me so much and now I am leaving and starting a new journey into intermediate.  My good friends Odisho and Dtroyt have been with me for so many years.

 Looking back I can’t believe that I have been here for 6 years. I have had a chance to prove myself by doing Icas and achieving merit in digital technologies. When I  went to  camp , the memories I made include, the flying fox and canoeing in the lake, and the slide when I fell into the lake. All of my friends had helped me to overcome my fears.

That was good memories. I  just want to give big thank you to all my teachers and friends who have guided me along the way. I will always remember our school motto “Effort brings reward.”




My time at Manurewa Central School is coming to an end. I have been at this school my whole life and I don’t want to go. My journey here all started in Room One.

I had a nervous look on my face, my legs were shaking and my hand was firmly gripped around mum’s fingers. It was my first day at Manurewa Central school. I was excited but very nervous at the same time. As I walked into Room one and looked around, the rest of the class were practising their alphabets. I quickly joined in. Before I knew it I was having the time of my life.

The next few years were the same, I was nervous then, the next minute I was having instant fun. In Year 3 I was very shy and I only had a few friends, but the next year I really came out. I made more friends and got along great with the teacher. The next year came, and my shyness was completely gone.

My goals as a year 5 were set very high, and I achieved them. That year I learnt that how you act as a year 5 affects how you want to be as a Year 6. In Year 6 I became a councillor. I was given different responsibilities and I did my best to take care of them properly.

All my years at Manurewa Central school have been a blast, but my favourite was this year as a Year 6. There are so many good memories to look back at this year including camp, netball and just hanging out with my friends. I also really liked spending time with the teachers. They have a younger sense of humour than I thought.

Throughout the years I made so many good and bad memories but now as I look back at them I smile because all those memories were made at Manurewa Central school. I will always remember this school and no other school could ever replace my first and my best school.


It has been a great time at MCS so far. When I first came to this school, I didn't know anyone. I was crying when I went into my first class. I wanted my Mum. But after 6 hours I was happy. I learnt that each time you go to the next year, things get harder. Junior school was hard for me. But I got good.

The middle school is kinda cool. I got good at my handwriting. But I write fast. When I got to the Senior school, I was a year 5. Everything was for the year 6s. I love using the chromebooks, it's much faster than writing! I can't wait for next year.

BUT I have to tell you EVERYTHING that has happened to me. First the junior school life. So I was bad at handwriting but I would always draw. Mrs. Tombolato was a nice teacher. She would always make me feel safe. The next year just came up really fast like a cat racing to it's home. I made sure that I didn't forget anything as I moved to Rm 4.

Rm 4 wasn't that good. Because I kept going on the yellow bench, but at least I learnt how to say ‘yellow’ properly!

I went to Rm 5 next. Mrs. Simpson is super cool! She was the nicest teacher. I loved Charlie the teddy bear. If you are good, you get to take Charlie home for only 1 DAY!

I love the senior school because I got to pat Mrs. Smith’s cute kittens! Meow meow! I would never forget that day. Because that was the first day I had ever seen a kitten- more like kittens! I would never forget that day. But I really miss those kittens. Each day I would pull out my chromebook and WORK. School, Maths, Writing, Reading, Poems, Speeches, Cards, Sayings... what else could be better than this school? My life? My dreams? My ponies? My pets? These things are important to me but School is my 2nd most important things I love. (The 1st favourite important things are cats!)

Now, I have a memory of the times with me and Venya. My favourite was when we put my cat, Snow (but call her Bell) in the barbie trolley thing and she looked so funny! Venya and I have that memory kept inside our hearts. I will never forget her. I love Funtime Lunchtime too. But Funtime Lunchtime starts whenever a tennis ball gets stuck in the lawnmower. I love School!

Remember, school is important! And cats are too! If you hate school, you hate a life goal. School is one of your life goals, but some people think that their parents are just forcing them to do something boring. School isn't boring, it's fun! And remember: EFFORT BRINGS REWARD!!!!


My class was Room 12 the best class I ever went to  with the best teacher. When I went inside there I saw my old friend Detroit. Me and Detroit have been friends for two years in t ball. Anyways when I saw him I said in my head "Detroit man I haven't seen him for 5 ever."    
A couple of days went by and I still feel scared  but I had made new friends that helped me feel much better. A couple of months went past and I feel much better
I have new friends and I know where to go.

I know next year will be my last year here at this amazing school until I move to  next step of my life. I will never forget this school and this school's motto Effort Brings Reward.


No joke when I first came to this school I was scared to death. But then I saw my best friend and his name was Avkaran. We've been friends for years now so when I saw him I knew everything was fine. He’s almost been in all of my classes. We help each other in maths homework spelling and best of all, being friends.
He believed in me so much that I was one out of four people that went to Mathex. It was so cool because we went to Manurewa intermediate their auditorium was at least twice the size of ours.

I had so many teachers who believed in me like Mrs McHaffie-Green believed in me for hockey. Mrs Armitage for ukulele and last of all Mrs Michaelides with mathematics. Thank you all the teachers for believing me as well. I'm gonna miss this school but I will not forget M.C.S and I will also pop up time to time. 


Salty Tears rolled down my eyes as I walked through a huge green gate for the first time. As I walked into my first class I was nervous and scared. I was also amazed how I saw new faces and my first teacher.

Her name was Mrs Tombalato but I called her Mrs Tomato. After some days I got use to be being in my class and I made a new friend, Nehemiah.

When I got to Year 5 I was excited because we did this thing called outdoor education. Outdoor education is when you go on trips for the whole week.
Trips I went on were… Rocket Ropes and Butterfly Creek.

YESS finally I got to year 6. I started  getting responsibilites like doing the flag. Then we did enrichment groups. Enrichment groups are when you go to a group like Whanau every Wednesday in the first block.

The greatest highlight was going to Chosen Valley camp. We spent 2 days at the camp and my dad came to help. I liked going on the water slide and the kayaks. I loved it there. By then I had grown up and I made more friends.

Another great highlight of this year was when I represented my school rugby team at Bruce Pulman and came first place. I've represented my school in many sports throughout the year. The sports I have been involved in were… rugby, league and netball.

As a person in a movie said “Good journeys must come to an end.” I was really sad.

The hardest part is saying goodbye to this school. I will miss all my teachers and I will always remember our school motto.

                EFFORT BRINGS REWARD